Let peace prevail on Earth, a Japanese wish by Masahisa Goi after the war disasters 75years ago...

ART LEE from Wadaiko TOKARA created our peace anthem : NIJI Matsuri

welcome to join with your own Taiko Peace Project !


Let us know if you play in your country, city, village also during the International Day of Peace, and send us a picture of your Peace performance !

And it feels so nice to know now, that since 2012 in North America, there is a Taiko Peace Movement !  This TaikoPeace is founded by PJ Hirabayachi from the Japan-American community in San José, and their "movement" works rather for Buddist Festivals to honour harvest or other happy moments, conform the Bohn tradition. But before the Peace Movement, PJ-H has already created arround 2000 a song "Ei Ja Nai Ka" inspired by Bohn dances. 

As i only have met PJ Hirabayashi during the European Taiko Conference in 2019, till then i did not know of their existence ;((   And of course i asked PJ-san a permission to use and add this joyfull song for our Taiko Peace Project programme. So we hope to be able to perform Ei Ja Naik Ka, a song of happiness in additon with our peace anthem Niji Matsuri and a gift from Wadaiko Tokara (by Art Lee).


founder of TaikoPeace Movement in San José : PJ Hirabaychi

inspired by Bohn tradition and co-creation of PJ-Hirabayachi and Yoko Fujimoto

2020... finaly in Germany & France also some taikoplayers perform with other musicians for Peace !

Let's go for a Taiko Peace Movement in Europe